Five other useful things to do with Google Search

In light of the somewhat surprising popularity of our last post (Fifteen Helpful Google Search Operators), we figured we’d continue with the Google theme by revealing a few more not-so-secret Google-search-secrets. Read on to learn five (well, actually six – except the Kevin Bacon one can hardly be called ‘useful’…) other useful things you can do with/from Google Search – aside from searching for specific words of phrases on the World Wide Web.

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Five things to like about Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion actually seems a bit scant on new language-related functionality. Sure, it’s got plenty of exciting new features, like PowerNap, Messages and Airplay Mirroring, but hardly any of them seem particularly relevant to translating. No doubt translators who own more than one Apple product will be pleased with Mountain Lion’s tight integration with iCloud, and translators who like to spend a lot of their time on Twitter and Facebook* etc will surely appreciate Built-in Sharing, but what of new features that might be of specific interest to translators in general? Here’s five:

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Five lesser-known reasons why translators (who use a mac) should be using Lion

There is an abundance of new features in LionMission Control, Launch Pad, and Full Screen Apps to name but a few of the more prominent ones – and although the upgrade might not suit everyone – particularly those with software that isn’t compatible and those with computers that don’t meet the upgrade requirements – we think that Lion is well worth the thirty dollars (approx) that it costs. Sadly, we don’t have the time (or the interest or the patience) to go into all 250 new features, instead, we’ve picked out just five lesser-known ones – that you might not even have noticed had we not pointed them out – that will almost undoubtedly make the upgrade that little bit more welcome.