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Why translators might like to go on Safari with Lion

Coinciding with the release of their latest OS (Lion), Apple have made some huge improvements to Safari – too many to mention really… for a full list check out the ‘Safari‘ section of Apple’s ‘OS X Lion: 250+ New Features‘ page. But we’re not about to get bogged down by going through all of those here (especially since we’ve already mentioned a few of the reasons why translators should be using Lion in a previous post), instead, we’d like to focus on just one – a system-wide feature that can make looking up the meaning of words (something that translators probably do more than most) in Safari altogether easier: ‘Lookup‘.


How much time do you spend each year waiting for your computer to boot up?

Freelance translators spend a lot of time waiting: waiting for assignments to come through; waiting for a few days to bill a client (to try and disguise how quickly they managed to earn x amount of [insert relevant currency here]); waiting for their full-time friends to finish work at five o’clock… and we’re all quite used to waiting for our computers to do things: like sending emails with large attachments, loading webpages, and, oh yeah, booting up! – a topic that just so happens to lead me (at last!) to the gist of this post: ‘How much time do you spend each year waiting for your computer to boot up?’.