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  • Twitter is an awesome means of not only drawing attention to your own online activities (and offline activities for that matter) but also to those of others, such as all the people involved in translation who continue to create great content – much of which we tweet about on a near daily basis @FfTranslators. Here’s […]

  • Throughout the year we tweet a lot of great content that translators will hopefully find useful and/or interesting. The best way to keep track of all this information is, of course, to follow us on Twitter; however, unless you’re glued to the screen 24-7 (we hope not), you’re bound to miss heaps – here’s a […]

  • Following on from our previous post, Hashtags for Translators Part I, which dealt with the different hashtags commonly used by translation professionals, we’ll now delve deeper into the world of hashtags by mentioning a few of their specific uses. What can you do with hashtags? Why are they useful? How do people make use of […]

  • Twitter is a now a worldwide phenomenon, with people tweeting about everything from breaking news to what they just ate. Put simply: Twitter is a platform from which to share short snippets of information (limited to 140 characters) about whatever takes your fancy. And with so much information flooding into Twitter every second of every […]