Fifteen [Hideous] Grammar Goofs That Make You Look [Very] Silly – Infographic

I sincerely doubt there’s a single professional translator out there who needs reminding of any of the following (unfortunately quite common) grammar mistakes – however, I’ll bet there’s also not a single professional translator out there who hasn’t, at some point in the past, made (or perhaps failed to pick up on) at least one or two of them… all be it probably when they’ve pushed themselves too hard and/or gone without a proper night’s sleep for too many days in a row…

Introducing ‘15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly‘ – an infographic by CopyBlogger Media


Fifteen Grammar Goofs - Infographic

– written by CopyBlogger Media.

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Care to add any other (perhaps a bit less ‘ridiculous’) common grammar-goofs?

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