What are the easiest/hardest languages to learn? – infographic

It’s no surprise that translators love languages, they/we usually prick our ears up upon merely hearing the word ‘language’ – be it on the news, the radio, a party* or wherever… but combine the word ‘language’ with another word we’re usually hyper-tuned into, like ‘fluent, ‘learn’ or, say, ‘hard’ (as in ‘difficult’) and we’re usually pretty much hooked! So here goes then, let’s ask a question that’s practically guaranteed to interest translation/language lovers: What are the hardest languages [for native English speakers] to learn?



– infographic via Voxy Blog

*as a translator, do you go to enough of these? lol

Fancy learning a new language?

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  1. HilaryChapman Avatar

    I’m surpried not top see Esperanto among the easiest languages to learn. Of course, learning any languager takes some effort. Esperanto was designed to be relatively easy to master. Esperanto is not a utopian dream. It works! I’ve used it in speech and writing – and sung in it – in about fifteen countries over recent years.

    Take a look at http://www.lernu.net