Best of Food for Translators (2012)

‘Best’ – now THAT’S a tricky word. The Oxford Dictionary of English gives the meaning of ‘best’ as ‘of the most excellent or desirable type or quality’ (was the author a Bill & Ted fan I wonder…), however, what makes something ‘better’ than something else depends on a whole bunch of usually unstated – and often changeable – criteria: the relative importance of which often depends on a number of other – sometimes subjective – factors. Take blog posts for example: which are the ‘best’, or ‘of the most excellent type or quality’, blog posts? The ones with the most page views? The ones with most comments? Maybe the ones with the most Tweets? Or perhaps it’s important to consider a number of such things? …for the sake of simplicity, let’s just brush the issue under the carpet and go with the number of Facebook ‘likes’:

#1 – Weighing in with an absolutely shocking 346 likes:

Fifteen Helpful Google Search Operators

#2 – A distant second with 165 likes:

Six Must-read Books for Translators

#3 – A close third with 157 likes:

Techniques To Help Spot Typos In Your Translations

#4 – In at no.4 with a frightening 135 likes:

Seven Ways To Improve Your Source-Language Proficiency

#5 – And in 5th place with a respectable 60 likes:

Hashtags For Translators (Part I)

What? Only 14 people liked “Acknowledging Great Translators With Wikipedia Pages“?