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Still thinking unit conversions = a conversion chart + a calculator? Wolfram Alpha to the rescue!

So, you're working along, deep in concentration, when up pops a value written with units that won't be understood in the target language. What next? Do you: a) Pull out an old battery-powered calculator and a printed conversion chart. b) Use an Read More →

The Chicago Manual of Style – 1st vs 16th Edition

Widely acknowledged as the go-to book on American-English style, The Chicago Manual of Style – now in its 16th edition – is an absolutely indispensable resource for translators... Read More →

There’s more to Wikimedia than Wikipedia…

Wikipedia is so helpful to translators that most of us don't like to admit quite how much we rely on it – partly because, as everyone knows, Wikipedia has a bit of a (deserved?) bad rep for accuracy. However... Read More →

Commonly Spoken But Rarely Ever Written English Contractions

A friend of mine (whose first language isn't English) recently asked me how to contract "they are", to which I replied "they're". The same person then asked how to contract "there are", to which I replied "there're" (I was speaking... Read More →

Thirty five of the Very Best Quotes on Translation

The title says it all really: "Thirty Five of the Very Best Quotes on Translation" – we actually set out to put together a list of just fifteen, but there was just so many... Read More →

Fifteen [Hideous] Grammar Goofs That Make You Look [Very] Silly – Infographic

I sincerely doubt there's a single professional translator out there who needs reminding of any of the following (unfortunately quite common) grammar mistakes - however, I'll bet there's also not a single professional translator out there who... Read More →

A roundup of some of the best translation-related articles from 2013!

Twitter is an awesome means of not only drawing attention to your own online activities (and offline activities for that matter) but also to those of others, such as all the people involved in translation who continue... Read More →

What are the easiest/hardest languages to learn? – infographic

It's no surprise that translators love languages, they/we usually prick our ears up upon merely hearing the word 'language' - be it on the news, the radio, a party* or wherever... but combine the word 'language' with another word... Read More →

Our favorite tweets of the year (2012)

Throughout the year we tweet a lot of great content that translators will hopefully find useful and/or interesting. The best way to keep track of all this information is, of course, to follow us on Twitter; however, unless you're glued... Read More →

Best of Food for Translators (2012)

'Best' – now THAT'S a tricky word. The Oxford Dictionary of English gives the meaning of 'best' as 'of the most excellent or desirable type or... Read More →

Seven Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Translators (2012)

It's that time of year again – the time of year when overpaid translators take long vacations and underpaid translators receive a sudden influx of work. Yes, that's right: it's Christmas! The time for giving and receiving... Read More →

Five other useful things to do with Google Search

In light of the somewhat surprising popularity of our last post (Fifteen Helpful Google Search Operators), we figured we'd continue with the Google theme by revealing a few more not-so-secret Google-secrets. Read on to learn... Read More →

Fifteen helpful google search operators

First came the World Wide Web, and then came the search engine (presumably to try and make the whole thing more accessible/manageable). And it wasn't long (relatively speaking) before one particular search engine proved to be... Read More →

Hashtags for translators (Part II)

Following on from our previous post, Hashtags for Translators Part I, which dealt with the different hashtags commonly used by translation professionals, let's now go on to delve a bit deeper into the world of hashtags by mentioning... Read More →

Hashtags for translators (Part I)

Twitter is a now a worldwide phenomenon, with people tweeting about everything from breaking news to what they just ate. Put simply: twitter is a platform from which to share short snippets of information (limited to 140 characters) about whatever... Read More →
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